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4 Great Techniques for Motivation

Posted by on Jan 30, 2016

4 Great Techniques for Motivation

The movie Cinderella Man is about a legendary boxer named Jim Braddock.  One of the biggest scenes in the movie is when Jim is asked, “What are you fighting for?”  He replies, “I fight for milk.”  Why?  Because the Jim was trying to provide for his family during the Great Depression, and he used the money that he earned fighting to buy milk for his children.  Jim wasn’t focus on being a hero to the crowd or the fame that he could possibly earn.  His only focus was to secure a fight that would enable him to provide for his family.  That was his why!

Now, let me ask you…What are you fighting for?  Is it your family, your business or simply to personally develop yourself to prosper in every area of your life?  No matter what your life is, you must FIGHT against the negativity that tries to prevent you from succeeding.  You must also equip yourself like a great warrior that overpowers the enemy.  How?  Simply, immerse yourself with positive, personal development that will radically change your life forever!

Here’s a few techniques that will prepare you for the fight of your life…

Read inspirational books

Throw away the gossip magazines that have absolutely no positive effect on your life. Listen to motivational success CDs that ignite the fire in your heart to achieve your dreams.

Turn off the television! No longer allow that garbage to infiltrate your mind and spirit. Instead watch DVDs about people and things that encourage you to be relentless in the pursuit of your dreams.

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Posted by on Jan 29, 2016


Ever have those days when you feel lazy and groggy? Your boss is always fussing about the deadlines, your significant other is getting on your nerves, the paycheck is late… We are only human, these kind of things affect us in our daily lives, so it’s normal to feel down every once in awhile. But this should not last long enough, because motivating yourself to do what you got to do is very important and will uplift your mood in no time.

photo-1422433555807-2559a27433bdEvery morning we get up, sometimes we have enough sleep and sometimes we don’t but we all have our morning rituals: shave, shower, wash teeth and gussy up a little. Preping yourself for something is very beneficial because you remind yourself on what needs to be done and how great you will feel after you achieve it. Say good thing or two to yourself in the morning and the morning will start good. It is important how you feel because if something affects your mood, then you are not in balance of what you need. If morning starts good – rest of the day will be even better!

Ask yourself: What is my goal for today/tomorrow/next week/next year? What will I get out of it?
It is very important to identify your goal that you wish to accomplish, and sorting out what that something is that needs to be done and how will it affect your mood and your life when you achieve it. Visualize that something in your mind, and pretend just for a little while that you already have it – capture the moment where the good feeling starts sinking in. Wonder what this is? Motivation!

You however CAN start with the smaller tasks first, but it’s not wrong doing it this way. Hardest tasks are the ones that require more time and the sooner you get the first task done, you will easily do the small tasks that await you. Evan a small and random decision like finally deciding which to buy, great thing is we have have best wifi thermostat  reviews for you to help you out. This will boost your confidence because you know that the hardest task is always tougher to do then the easy one.

Or at least try not doing that. It is not important if you next door neighbour has a big shiny car, or if your colleague has had a promotion, or your sibling was an overachiever – this doesn’t matter! You are the one living your life and setting your own rules! Seeing someone else having it all is inevitable but this should not affect you by killing your motivation. Everyone fights their own battles. People are always going to be ahead of you, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t catch up. So sit down, focus on you; on your own results and better yourself in any way you can think. You are the one making changes in your life so act like it.

Failure can really mess people’s minds. It can mess with people to that extent that they simply give up on things. Don’t do this. Life is an open road – mile after a mile. Remember the time you did something good and that made you feel great about it? You don’t have to feel discouraged after a failure. There is always more stuff you did good than the ones you failed. Your worth is measured not on failures but on successes, no matter how small they are.

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Accepting the Price – Best Motivation

Posted by on Jan 27, 2016

Accepting the Price – Best Motivation

What is your personal philosophy? How do you choose to live your life? Indeed, do you choose it at all? Or do things just “happen” to you? In truth, no creature shapes their environment as much as a human, and just look at what we’ve done with it – a polluted world, with hundreds species dying out before our eyes. I believe that we need to take a different view; we need to learn to accept external forces, instead of seeing them as an enemy.

I have a personal philosophy which I would like to share with you. It is reflected in the title of this essay, and it has two key aspects.

tips-creating-workplace-motivationThe first is to accept the price. We don’t choose our context, not really. Certainly, you can make choices, but there are greater forces at work all around us. 9/11 was a potent reminder of how a sudden catastrophe can change our world. And 9/11s happen every day, for somebody. Even those of us who are fortunate enough not to live in a warzone, not to be perennially hungry, not to fear violent death, even we are subject to random catastrophe. (And if you happen to live in a destroyed city, surrounded by disease and poverty, are you less of a “go getter” than some Wall Street hero?)

Perhaps a distant ripple in the stock exchange will make you unemployed today. Maybe a foolish driver will cut in on you and change your life forever. Or maybe something far smaller will happen – an irritation, a distraction, something which can divert you from the state of serenity you would wish to achieve.

We are the most controlling of creatures. As soon as we wake up, we plan our day, and any deviation from the plan causes irritation, anger, annoyance. It makes our blood pressure rise.


“Accepting the price” means just that – accept that something has happened. Really accept it – don’t push against it, or rant and rave – simply accept. Because by accepting, you can begin to adapt. This isn’t easy, and takes practice, but it is essential to a calm state of mind.

The second element is to “choose the method of payment”. We can pay in so many currencies – with time, or money, or pride, or integrity, or honour, or pain, or embarrassment, or shame . . . the list goes on. When I respond angrily, aggressively, I am paying with my honour – I dishonour myself when I behave like this. Perhaps I also pay in embarrassment, and in the quality of my relationships. When a parking fine arrives through the post I can rant and rave about it, and then pay the fine (so that’s paying with blood pressure + cash), or I can smile and pay the fine (just paying with cash).


How we pay is the way we really exercise control. If I want something, I can work to earn the money to pay for it (time + effort + cash), or I can shoplift (honour + shame + risk of punishment). If I drop litter, in which currency am I paying? When I yell at the children, what is this costing me? (and them.)

When we begin to think in terms of the method of payment, we can begin to make decisions about what we truly value. When we see a choice as being between money and honour, it makes it far easier to pay up cheerfully. And we can take some pride in our sense of honour, and integrity. We can take pride in the times when we have chosen to work hard rather than take some other route. In essence, choosing the method of payment is the only true freedom we possess.

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